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0.5lb 1/2lb closed loop extractor Extraction Machine

$ 504.32
Model Number: Extractor 026 Application: Liquid Core Components: stainless steel Material: SS304 /316L seal: FKM,mesh gasket Capacity: 1/2LB Material column Size: 3″x12″ Collection spool: 6″X12″ Splatter platter: 6″x2″ Pressure: 145PSI

0.5lb Mini Closed Loop Extractor

$ 625.02
Product Name: 0.5lb Closed Loop Extractor Body Material: Stainless Steel 304 Surface Treatment: Mirror Polished Seal: FKM, mesh gasket Material Column: jackted column or non

10LB Pressure Extraction Kit Material Household Extractor

$ 7,003.63
  Factory direct sales of 5LB 10LB 20LB hydrocarbon extractor closed loop Extraction MachineA set of equipment includes material columns,collection

135 gram butane closed loop extractor

$ 585.28
Friends, welcome, if you have any questions about the product, or if you want to order in large quantities, you

135gram Mini Dewaxing Closed Loop Extractor

$ 563.90
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150G Closed Loop Home Extractor Tube Kit

$ 162.43
4 pcs 4*4 inches tanks. bigger save tanks. Improve work efficiency and working continuously.One Year warranty of the products of

1lb Bidirectional Closed Loop Extractor Extraction Machine

$ 350.09$ 3,851.99
Key Selling Points: High Safety Level Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant Showroom Location: United States, India Product name: Closed Loop Extractor Bidirectional Tank lid: flat or

1lb Passive Extractor Closed Loop Extractor

$ 1,839.12
Clamp type: high pressure double bolted clamp Surface treatment: Mirror Polished Working Temperature: -40 to 120℃ Products Description Product Name   1lb dewaxing

1LB Pressure Extraction Kit Material Household Extractor

$ 1,386.73$ 1,687.09
Model Number: 1LB This system allows the user to build a solvent pressure by closing the valve,pulling a vacuum and filling

2LB Dewaxing Column BHO Closed Loop Extractor with Recovery Tank

$ 3,506.88
Dimension(L*W*H): 1210 X 630 x 630 mm Warranty: Unavailable Usage: Food Grade Standard: according to customer Size: 10″ 12″ 14″ 20″ 36″ Feature: Durable Height: 12″,20″,24″,36″,48″ MOQ: 1

5lb 10lb closed loop extractor systems

$ 785.92
Product name: 5lb 10lb closed loop extractor systems Keywords: closed loop extractor Tank lid: flat or hemi lid Splatter: jacketed or non jacketed Dewaxer

5lb Dewaxing Column Jacketed Closed Loop Extractor Equipment

$ 6,680.70
Model Number: 1 LB – 10 LB Technics: Casting Connection: Welding Shape: Vertical Head Code: Round Product name: 5lb Dewaxing Column Jacketed Closed Loop Extractor Turnkey