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150 Vacuum Film Molecular Distillation

$ 51,149.00
Process: Wiped Film Voltage: 220V/50-60HZ After-sales Service: Online support Barrel Size: DN150 Motor power: 120W Power(W): 250W Feeding Rate: 1 ~5 L/H Max. Speed: 1100 rpm Power Source: Electric

Film Molecular Evaporator for CBD Oil Extraction

$ 29,937.63
High Precision Pilot Production Wilped Film Molecular Evaporator for CBD Oil Extraction Different processing capacity canna-bis oil short path distillation

Lab Vacuum Wipe Short Path Distillator for CBD Distillate

$ 19,701.63
the mean free path of molecules is comparable to the size of the equipment. This process has the advantages of avoiding the problem of toxicity that occurs in techniques that use solvents as the separating agent, and also of minimizing losses due to thermal decomposition.

Short Path Wiped Film Evaporator Molecular Distillation Glass Short Path Molecular Distillation Kit

$ 13,600.00$ 14,600.00
Classification: Laboratory Thermostatic Devices Model Number: MD-80 Applicable Industries:: Distillation Process:: Vacuum Distillation Glass Material:: Borosilicate Glass3.3 Stirrer Seal: Oil-less Magnetic

Wiped Film Molecular Distillation machine

$ 87,900.00
Power(W): 5KW Separation level: Molecular Material: SUS304 & SUS316 Power Source: Electric Dimension(L*W*H): 216*68*215cm Wiper: High quality PTFE Certification: CE & ISO Name: wiped film short path Automatic