What is short path distillation used for? short path distillation kit for sale?

Lab Essential Oil Equipment Evaporator Short Path Distillation Glassware

Waste Lubricating Oil Treatment Process:

1. Waste oil pretreatment: place the waste lubricating oil in a mixer with agitation, add a basic compound of 0-5.0% by weight of the waste lubricating oil, stir at room temperature to 100°C for 10-60 minutes, then Move into a settling tank for 1-10 hours to remove moisture and impurities;
2. Short-path distillation: the treated waste oil enters short-path distillation, and at least passes through the following two stages of distillation in turn: the operating conditions of the first-stage short-path distillation are temperature 150-250°C, vacuum 30-100Pa, fractional distillation of light lubricating oil base Oil plant; Then the material enters the second-stage short-path distillation, and its operating conditions are temperature 180-260 ° C, vacuum degree 5-20Pa, steaming out the medium-quality lubricating oil base oil material, and residual oil is discharged from the bottom of the tower;
3. Hydrofining: the various lubricating oil base stocks distilled after the short-path distillation process enter the hydrofining unit respectively, and react under the catalysis of a hydrogenation catalyst. The catalyst is selected from iron-molybdenum catalyst or cobalt-molybdenum catalyst. The main operating conditions are: temperature 150-180°C, hydrogen partial pressure 1.0-2.0MPa, hydrogen-to-oil ratio 30-50m3/m3, and space velocity 1.5-2.51Γ1, thereby removing trace impurities in the oil and decolorizing it. Take high quality lubricant base oil.

Lab Short Path Distillation Kit with Valved Adapters and Coil Condenser

Is short path distillation the same as simple distillation?

The short-path distillation kit is a distillation process in which the evaporated molecules on the heating surface travel a short distance to the condensation surface for condensation under high vacuum conditions, thereby realizing liquid-liquid separation. Short-path distillers can be divided into three types: free falling film type, rotary scraping film type, and mechanical centrifugal type. Because the liquid film of free falling film type short-path distillers is thicker, the evaporation rate is low, and the evaporation efficiency is poor, while centrifugal short-path distillers. The mechanical structure of the device is relatively complicated, and it is difficult to promote it industrially. Therefore, the short-path distillation sold by our company adopts the short-path still kit that has already achieved industrial application. The short-path distillation kit has many outstanding advantages, such as: low operating temperature; short material residence time, less risk of thermal decomposition; high degree of separation, high product yield; continuous distillation process, large production capacity, etc.

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short path distillation kit

Molecular distillation technology can be used in the fine chemical industry for the separation of hydrocarbons, crude oil and the like; the purification of surfactants and the preparation of chemical intermediates; the deodorization and decolorization of lanolin and its derivatives; plastic plasticizers, stabilizers Refining of solvents and refining of silicone oil, paraffin oil, high-grade lubricating oil, etc. In the separation of natural products, the refining and purification of many aromatic oils use short-path distillation to obtain high-quality essential oils. As a special new separation technology, the short path distillation kit is mainly used in the purification and separation of high boiling point and heat sensitive materials. Practice has proved that this technology not only has high scientific and technological content, but also has a wide range of applications. It is a high-tech with very broad prospects for industrial application.

Lab Essential Oil Equipment Evaporator Short Path Distillation Glassware

short path distillation kit for sale

The short-path distillation kit is applied to the regeneration of waste lubricating oil. It can not only regenerate better base oil, but also cut fractions through multi-stage series. After pretreatment and removal of light components, the waste lubricating oil is removed in the rectification tower After removing light diesel oil, it is pumped into the first-stage molecular still through the first-stage feed pump to distill the relatively light base oil components as products, and the remaining heavy components of the first-stage distillation are used as the second-stage molecular still. The raw material is pumped into the second-stage molecular still through the secondary feed pump to distill the components heavier than the first-stage molecular distillation as the product, while the distillation residue is used as the third-stage raw material, and so on until the obtained Qualified product.

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