hydrothermal autoclave reactor with teflon chamber 100ml

hydrothermal autoclave reactor

hydrothermal autoclave reactor can also be called a digestion tank, the outer reaction kettle is made of 304 stainless steel, the inner lining is generally made of PTFE or PPL ( to meet different temperature requirement), and a screw gland is used between the kettle body and the kettle lid. Hydrothermal reactor is a closed container that can decompose insoluble substances, which is commonly used in small dose synthesis reactions or sample pretreatment, more importantly, the hydrothermal kettle can create a special environment of high temperature and high pressure, strong acid and alkali resistance for experimenters, so the hydrothermal reactor has become a university teaching and scientific research unit very commonly used small reactors for scientific research.

Answers to common questions in the use of hydrothermal autoclave reactor

1. The actual use capacity of the hydrothermal autoclave kettle is generally 60%~80%, and it is generally recommended not to exceed 75%.

2. Working temperature is ≤200℃, heating and cooling rate: ≤5℃/min, the temperature of 260℃, 350℃, 400℃ can also be customized for customers. When the reaction is completed, wait for the kettle body to cool down to room temperature naturally. When the lid of the reaction kettle is opened, it must not be disassembled under pressure.

3. Safe working pressure is ≤3MPa, autoclave with higher pressure can be customized.

4. long-term use to ensure the sealing effect, ensure reliable quality, fast delivery on the same day, save time and cost for you to the greatest extent




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